Terms and Conditions in Using Peopleblankets.com

updated Sep 8, 2020

Welcome to peopleblankets.com, a website providing blanket supplies which manufacturer by the Thai citizen of Jong Stit Company Limited. For assuring your utmost safety in your online shopping experience for our products, we, therefore, specify the terms and conditions in using our services on our website. By using or browsing our website, you hereby agree to accept this terms and conditions as specified.

We reserved the right in amending, changing or editing the terms and conditions at any circumstances. Therefore, we suggest you to read the terms and conditions every time you visit or use services on peopleblankets.com.

Information on website

Although our best attempt, by all means, to make all the information on our website to be the most precise as possible. However, PPLE or our affiliated businesses shall not guarantee the precision and completion of the information and its components on time needed or to suit any particular purposes.

Nevertheless, we do not take responsibility for any mistakes and exemptions in information and those components. Any information or contents that involve third-party individual along with information and assurance that has been presented, we reserved the right to edit or changing any part of the website or terminate the providing of service at any time without the need to notify in advance. Every information and component on website aim to provide the information solely for general consumers. None of any part of information that contains the purpose for suggestion, deciding, giving recommendation together with not containing the purpose of exchanging. Always keep in mind that you and followers of yours use the information that composed on our website with your own risk. Should you see errors or omissions on any part of the website, please do inform us immediately.

Intellectual property rights

The contents that appear on the peopleblankets.com website such as messages, graphics, logos, icons, images, videos, website interface designs and others that appear on the website are the asset of PPLE and is protected by the copyright law. The rights as mentioned is reserved by PPLE and our authorities who can grant the authorisation. You are able to collect, print the contents provided particularly for your personal use together with electronically duplicate your interested portion of the website for the purpose of placing an order on peopleblankets.com website and search engine only. Modifying, storing in the system by transferring, copying, publishing or use the data information and its components in business or commercial uses by any individual or any company are strictly prohibited unless there is a written permission from us.

Linkages with other websites

The peopleblankets.com website might have linkages with other websites which falls under the providing of service and administration of the third-party for the purpose of providing information and enhancing your convinicence only. We cannot guarantee or confirm the precision of the information provided by other websites. You may need to consider the risks that might arise for using the other websites by your own.

We recommend you the read the terms and conditions including with the security policy of the linked websites before using the websites. And we do not permit you to link your own website(s) for linking to those websites without any written permission from us. Please contact us should you wish to have the link connected to your own website.

Use of services and access of platform

You hereby agree to not conduct any actions according to these restrictions as follows;

  • disguise as an individual or any institution or mispresentation or presenting false identification of whatsoever in the relationship with any particular individual or any particular institution,
  • use the platform to conduct any tortious actions which againsts the law,
  • conduct an unauthorised access or alter with the system or other connections that cause the failure in the connection to the platform or service,
  • causing the disturbance and leverage the platform or service on the usage of other users,
  • use or upload, in one way or the other, any softwares or documents that contain or suspect of containing any maliciouswares, destructive components, harzadous encriptions or harmful componets that might damage, causing error, causing damage to the the data of the platform or interfering with the other users’ computers or mobile devices process or interfering the process of the platform and service,
  • use the platform or service aside from what is correspond with the usage policy accepted by any connection networks, any related internet protocols and any other related laws.

Presentations of the information of the platform user

We are not responsible of any contents that you has publicly posted all the way to webboards, information pages of the website, chatroom, social media or and public spaces that appear on the internet network. We are not bound to agree and not involve with any contents that you or other users exhibit the comments. We reserved the right in exercise the discretion for deleting the content or the opinion of yours without any notification in advance should the content or opinion of yours present the intention or suspect of;

  • messages or contents that deem to stigmatise, defame, incite, threaten, slander on the other members or third-party individuals,
  • present, publish the message or the content that suggests the obscenity, indecency or against any law,
  • Publish or upload the malicious files that causing error or any software or any program that may causing the damage in the processing the peopleblanket.com website and/or computer system along with third-party individual's network,
  • Publish or upload the malicious files that causing error or any software or any program that may causing the damage in the processing the peopleblanket.com website and/or computer system along with third-party individual's network,
  • presenting the messages or contents that deem to be the advertisement or the promotional contents that intend to stimulate the purchase.

Mispresenting or causing damage

Do not use the peopleblankets.com website for sending or announcing any contents or information that against the law, threaten, defame, profane, impolite, intimidate, obscene, indecent, sexually explicit, aggressive, displease, desecrate including with sexually explicit images or against the laws that enforce with these circumstances. Should you send or announce the stated messages or contents, and we or any third-party individual face damages as a result of your contents or information either directly or indirectly, you will need to be responsible in compensating the damages including financial obligations, lawful damages, expenses arose as a result of our loss or the third-party individual's loss.


The peopleblankets.com webiste does not serve the users that below 18 years of age or the member that have already been restricted the usage right buy us. Users will be allowed to have only one user account. Any violations of the condition as stated might cause the restriction of the user account.

By using the website, you need to aware at all time that you must reach the legal age limit that is specified by law for making a contract with us and must not be a person whom has been restricted of receiving the service in accordance to the Thai law or any legal binding. When we notify the intention, you must agree to provide the true and precise information of your own. Should we investigate and find that you have provided the false, incorrect or incomplete information, we shall have the right to temporally constrain the membership usage right all the way to terminate your membership or declining your membership sign up in the future.

You must use your real name or appropriate username that is polite, not against the moral standard. You cannot transfer the rights or benefits or rewards that relate to the providing of service to other person, except for the receive of the written permission from us.

You will need to be responsible in maintain your username and password in secrecy, not disclose to other people awareness. And will use the peopleblankets.com website only by your own. You are hereby agree with the responsibility to pay for the purchase of goods and services along with responsible for any activities that occur under your account name. Plese notify us immediately should you aware or seems reasonable to reckon that the classified username or password might have been exposed or there is an unauthorised use of your username or password.

Besides, we might occasionally have activities, promotions or special rewards for members. Should members win the rewards, be it the premiums, gift vouchers, redeemable coupons or other privileges from us, but you signed up for multiple or duplicate memberships or used multiple emails including with providing a misinformation or conducted deceitful actions, your right for receiving any prizes or privileged from us for any activities arranged by us will be deprived and might be prosecuted in accordance to the law or face the fine in accordance to the law.

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