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PPLE Blankets
2021 Business Partnership Program

We are searching for potential business partners globally to grow together with our fast-growing business. Whether you are a current business owner, online store or new business starters, this partnership program is the right opportunity for you.

About PPLE Blankets

PPLE Blankets (People Blankets) is a polyester based home textile brand under Fashion Hometex Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading home textile supplier and exporter. We supply businesses globally with the leading edge quality home textiles products including blankets, throws, beddings, etc.

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Why Choose PPLE Blankets

superior quality

Superior Quality

Our products are certified with the industry recognised standards like OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1.

industry pioneered products

Industry Pioneered Products

We are never stop being innovative. Our products come with extensive range of innovations like recycled blankets.

higher profit margin

Higher Profit Margin

With vertically integrated nature of our factory, we assure the price competitiveness. Thus, you can resell with higher margin

business supports

Comprehensive supports

Business Partnership

Enjoy our supports made exclusively for our partners. Our supports let you focus on your core business activities.

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Our Supports

credit term support

Credit Term

Head start your business with the financial allowance of $2,000, with a 90-day credit term.


Free Samples

Get the free samples and swatches of your interested products. Experience the actual products before placing an order!

delivery service

Delivery Service

We deliver your products right at your doorsteps.

ready to use catalogue


Updated catalogues will be provided monthly. You may use it as your sales tool or for making decisions in sourcing!

advertisement support


We help promoting PPLE brand awareness, making it to be the FIRST choice in customers' mind.


Factory Price

Get the products at most competitive factory price, exclusively for our partners only.

credit amount

Credit Amount

Head Start Your Business, Sell First Pay Later

We grant a 90-day credit term, for you to start your business. Pick any product you wish for your shop, sell them first, pay it later!

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Businesses worldwide trust us to be part of their growth with our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the PPLE Blanket partnership program?

PPLE Blankets partnership project offers countless opportunities for your business with quality products and numerous supports to help drive and grow your business. Our market offerings include blankets, throws, and other bedding products with hundreds of designs to match your business sourcing needs and your market fit.

The supports consist of a 90-day credit period, exclusive factory price, free samples, delivery support, monthly updated product catalogue, and brand promotions. These supports allow you to focus on your main strategic business activities.

How PPLE Blankets products drive your business?

PPLE Blankets are meticulously produced with a customer approach mindset. Of which, it contains three pillars in mind: products, quality, and cost competitiveness. This means that all of our products comprehensively understand customers' latent needs and are made to serve those needs.

First, we design our products to have a homely-yet-trendy design to ensure their ability to match the end-user needs and ability to be sold on all occasions. Second, we assure the quality of our products that the end-user will experience top-notch quality on every thread.

Besides, cost competitiveness is also one of our core competencies. With the vertically integrated nature of our production plant, the cost is efficiently controlled. The lower product cost would ensure your business enjoys a higher profit margin. Consequently, all of these will eventually deliver the values beyond the end-user expectation.

Who can join the partnership program?

This partnership project best suits small and medium business owners, people who are looking to start their own business, and new job seekers. With our market offerings and supports, those target groups would experience the benefits that are made exclusively for their business. However, those who do not fall into the target groups are also welcome to join!

How does the application process work?

Once you have provided us with the contact info, our account manager will contact you and provide you with the full application form for you to fill.

We will take some quality time to review your application data. If you are qualified to be our business partner, we will appoint you for the video conference process. After that, it would take approximately 2-3 weeks for the consideration period. We will get back to you with the result via your given contacts.

What documentation do I need to apply for the program?

When you make an order, you will need to submit your identity card or passport (not expiring within six months from the application date), passbook or bank account number, and company registration document (if any).

What does the $2,000 credit limits cover?

The $2,000 credit amount covers both product value and shipping cost.

What if my order exceeds the provided credit limit?

If you want to order products more than the providing credit limit, you should make a cash payment for the exceed credit limit amount.

When does a 90-day credit term start?

Your credit term will start right from the product arrival date at the destination.

How can I make a payment?

Our accepted payment methods include wired transfer, PayPal, or L/C. The transaction fee is the responsibility of both the sender and the receiver.

What is the estimated delivery time for my products?

If there are the products available in stock, it will take approximately 3-4 days for our warehouse to prepare the shipment process. However, the total delivery time varies by your chosen forwarder and shipping method.

Can I return the products I have ordered?

Yes, you can! We accept only defective products which may unlikely be caused by the manufacturer's fault, you may claim for the new goods of which shall contain the same SKUs. In corresponding to our return policy, we are responsible for delivering compensated products in the next order. 

In regards to the defects mentioned above, it shall be the defects caused by our-end; for instance, hole on the blanket or seam slippage.

For those ordered products that stand in your inventory and still cannot be sold, we reserved the right not to accept any return unless the products contain the defects as mentioned earlier.

Can I be the sole agent for an area?

Unfortunately, we currently have no sole agent policy. Anyone is free to apply for our business partnership program regardless of his/her location.

Can I terminate the partnership?

Yes, you can. However, if your credit still remains, and there’s an outstanding amount, you will need to make a payment before the termination will take effect.

Any inquiry? Please Call +6683 345 8000
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