COVID-19 Information from our company, Fashion Hometex Co., Ltd.

You can still buy with us as usual.

We are pleased to inform you that we manage to keep the production line going for all buyers with our active COVID-19 protection measurements. We strongly believe that the hygiene of our products must be produced by the employees who practice the high sanitisation procedures.

Because we care

Here are what we practice at Fashion Hometex Co., Ltd. to curtail the spreading of the COVID-19 and maintain the hygiene of our employees.

body temperature check

1. Body temperature check

Make sure your body temperature is not above 37.5°C before entering our factory area.

mask mandatory

2. Mask is mandatory

We urge everyone to wear a mask when entering the factory area.

hand sanitizer

3. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are available at every corner on the premises.

social distancing

4. Social distancing

Keeping a 1-meter distance from one another shall be a common practice.

government tracking app

5. Government tracking application

We encourage our employees to install the MorChana mobile app, a government-issued risk contact assessing application.

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